I was worried! I was confused! I was stressed during my pregnancy! Why?

I was worried during my pregnancy because I used to think what will happen throughout my pregnancy. I felt 9 months’ time is too long to go since it was test tube baby on third attempt and also at very late age.

I was confused because I could not decide what to unlearn and what to learn new.

 Who can advise me?

 Reading books? What type of books?

 Attend seminar? Where! How!

How much time to rest?

Exercise? Yoga? What type of exercise , for how much time? What exercise is suitable in my case!

What exercise is suitable in which month! Oh my god!!!!!!! I was totally confused!

Though I was very happy after getting the positive report I was stressed because I was working in ICU (intensive care unit). I didn’t get leave (half pay/ without pay) even after working for 19 years. I had to do night shift also, which is for 12 hours.

 Though I was ICU trained I got opportunity to work in all departments including gynae and obstetrics. I have observed and while talking to would be mothers came to their personal and emotional experiences. I could gather lot of information. All mothers/parents concern was how they should bring up their child after birth! What exactly they wanted is to provide things which they didn’t get in their childhood. At that time, I thought it is right and I too thought in that way. I realised it later that it was absolutely different in my case. That made me think how I can support future would be mothers /parents. When one should start thinking about parenting- this question boosted me seeking the answers to the challenges faced by modern parents to handle ultra-modern kids. I set out on a voyage and engaged myself in personality development in the form of taking paid coaching from leading experts. I started implementing on me which gave me excellent result. With lot of research and experiments I came to the conclusion that the best time to start parenting is before conceiving and implement during pregnancy. I got outstanding result in one to one teaching. Then to reach globally I have chosen to go online to spread the message that if any deficiency (physically/emotionally) in child it is absolutely parents’ responsibility.