March 24

Emotionally Healthy Pregnancy :


Pregnancy is the incredible gift you are going to create for the world. This is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside you.

I’m sure you are so excited to coach your young one once comes out. But let me tell you, the truth is you get to learn from your little one. First of all be grateful to that soul for choosing you as “The Best Mom”. That soul inside your womb makes you feel to be proud to be a mom. Did you talk to him ever? Have you thanked him/her for coming to you, for making you feel the happiest person at the moment when you understood that someone special has entered in your life?

Your time start now to make a better version of you as a mom. Your responsibility is to support that being to born with most powerful emotionally stable mind. Do I mean the child should response immediately after birth? Of course, NO!!!!!

 But you got to invest your 9-month prime time to design your child.

Water the root to enjoy the fruit.

You got my point? Not yet?

Ignorance makes you believe that life happens haphazardly. You may believe that but researches proved that the life is designed by choice.

You have to share your knowledge with your child because you don’t want your child to look down.

The nature teaches you what is responsibility. What you learn from rose? It is beautiful by look, it has good fragrance, but why it has thorns? A big question…but it is because we should learn to protect us when required without anyone’s help. Like this if you look at the nature, each and everything teaches us something. Being a mother it is very important to learn because you are making a seed of another life. If seed is not of good quality what happens?

Each and every moment that life is growing within you with your good/bad mood, with your good/bad wishes.

When you are happy, each and every cell of your body is happy including your little one inside you. That being is part of your body, mind and soul.

A worrier is growing inside you. You are making him/her understand to be prepared for future. He is going to be part of paradise.

Ask yourself can I be part of making a beautiful world called “Paradise”?


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Emotionally Healthy Pregnancy :

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